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Back in December I happened to be surfing the Alumni page of Franklin & Marshall College and noticed a blurb announcing the call for entries for the first edition of the F&M Alumni Arts Review. The article opened with: The F&M Alumni Arts Review is a printed publication, with a Web presence, which presents literary and visual works by Franklin & Marshall alumni.”






Well, I figured I’m an alumni and I’ve been making images (Photographers don’t “take pictures”) so I might as well throw my hat in the ring and see what happens. But what to enter? The article went on to say: “In our inaugural issue we are examining the idea of Turning Points. It’s a concept that can be broadly applied, and we look forward to seeing your particular interpretation.” “Turning Points”….”broadly applied” ….. “my interpretation” … great!….what’s a turning point?

I was hoping for something more along the lines of “Beautiful Adirondack Sunset” or “Majestic Fall Colors in New England”.

Turning Point? Really?

So I sat down and looked at my portfolio (“pile of pictures” is also eschewed by photographers) and found I kept coming back to the same grouping of images. It took a while but I finally figured out what the common thread was. Each photo in the group represented a “turning point” with regard to (finally) successfully applying a technical or compositional technique that resulted in the rendered image matching my per-visualized concept and conveying the feelings of the time and place (another way of saying it came out how I wanted it to and not how the camera wanted it to).

My Thanks go out to Sands Hall the editor and her dedicated staff for putting  together a high quality publication and also for considering my pictures images worthy for inclusion!


Following are the two images selected for the inaugural issue of the F&M Alumni Arts Review  (I was the only contributor to have two pieces selected – very fortunate).


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