2013 The Lost Year!

1308 – that’s the number of photo’s that ended up in my Lightroom gallery in 2013. A very down year photographically speaking when you consider I’ve averaged over 3X that amount for the past ten years It is a considerable drop off that, when I think about it is hard for me to explain. Two blog posts started and  ZERO posted – a little more understandable since I had a technical issue with the site for at least six months…not that I worked on it for six months straight.

I did manage to exhibit in the usual places – Next Door Gallery, Attleboro Arts Museum, Westchester Amateur and I was selected for the cover of the F&M Arts Review a real honor and surprise but, all 2012 or earlier images.

2013 F&M Arts Review

Outside of photography I left one great job (with a really poor commute) for an even better great job with a fantastic commute. I could blame the demands of work but, while I was extremely busy I don’t think that was the whole story.

I did do some good work at my Rugby Clubs annual tournament and I had some good luck vacationing on The Cape but I went to vacation with my wife not shoot every dawn and dusk.










It’s puzzling. My sister says “you don’t like photography anymore” (I usually say it in a very high unflattering voice) – but not true I do and I missed it the entire year.

Well enough of the introspection crap – I’m chalking it up to an off year and starting my planning for 2014. So far I’m looking at the Great Falls on the Potomac (my friends think I’m going to road bike the C&O canal), the Adirondacks and maybe Long Island/Hamptons in the late spring as well as SE Mass with my sister – yes that sister – taught her everything she knows.

Here’s my favorite from the lost year:

Sunset Chatham Ma September 2013


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